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The PC hunting season continues


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Deer Drive is a small hunting simulator that lets you enjoy the sport from the comfort of your own home.

The number of animals that you can hunt in Deer Drive isn´t huge, but still, moose, grizzly bears and imperial eagles can all be found in the environment.

But be careful! You must only target the adults and leave the young alive; otherwise you will be penalized at the end of the game.

The games ecosystems are very well realised and the hunter will wait in an area of the screen waiting for his pray.

After reaching a certain score the user can activate timed bullets and emulate the stars of the Matrix saga.

If you liked the demo, but aren´t going to purchase the game, you can always enjoy the magnificent screensaver that Deer Drive installs on your system, showing random scenes of animals in their own environments.

Trial version available to play for 30 mins.

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